Space is one of the biggest problems presented by houses and mini houses Today ... We have often talked about this subject and the conclusion is always the same: before small spaces practical solutions and multifunctional furniture.
Putting the theory into practice, making a small house a comfortable, cozy and comfortable home is possible.

Firms and companies, aware of the real problems of an immense majority, every day try harder to offer solutions and furniture adequate, functional and specifically designed to small spaces.

Today I want to show you the Hippo sofa bed.


At a glance, its unique and truly original design stands out. However, if we go a little further we can see that Hippo is all advantages:

  • As we have said and you can see it has an original design.
  • In just the blink of an eye the comfortable sofa becomes a comfortable bed. For this, it is only necessary to release some belcro pieces.
  • One of its biggest advantages is that in a very small space you will have a comfortable armchair and at the same time a bed. It occurs to me that it can be ideal, for example, for visits.
  • Not having a rigid structure, it is relatively light.

If you have space problems, Hippo can be a good solution. A comfortable and functional solution.
If you do not have a guest room, in the living room you can be the day-to-day sofa and become the comfortable guest bed when they get home. Or, if you have a guest room, while it is empty you can have it as an armchair for a greater space and space optimization and open it when you have guests.

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