About to enter the month of March, when spring starts, it is good to have a little respite from the cold temperatures, the rains and the cold wind; a sunny day feels perfect to our souls in winter. Solar radiations, which are better addressed with the help of a protector, fill us with energy and good cheer; not for nothing the grandmothers found the cure to the bad mood in taking the morning solecillo.

Today is that good day and it is especially fortunate that it is Sunday because all the possibilities are open and we have the time to choose one and go for it. It is the perfect time to walk with the children in the park and breathe fresh air, take a walk through the countryside with friends and update in the news or go shopping and have a coffee with churros at midmorning.

An excellent accessory for life outside the home, or on the terrace and garden, on a summer rug: it is really pleasant to sunbathe on a beautiful, colorful and soft textile. The outdoor carpet designed by WEST ELM is perfect to take with us anywhere because it is light and takes up little space. Its bright colors and geometric designs define very well the space in which we will rest or we will take a sandwich. More information on the Website www.westelm.com