En Decoration 2.0 We have taught you on several occasions to restore furniture for personal use and enjoyment, but once set to restore we can also think of our pets. Those who want to treat them as kings can create a bed like this with an old table. This seems to be a nightstand, but you can even create it for bigger animals like dogs with tables also bigger.

cat bed table

The solution is to invert its position, supporting the board on the floor and leaving the legs up. This image is a creation of Junk Camp, who seems to love his cat.

cat bed table3

The only thing that has been added has been a small finish on each leg, some crossbars and some supports on the board so that it does not rest directly on the ground. Then you just have to paint and create a custom mattress.

cat bed table2

Vía: Bezzia


  1. Pretty good your table bed but I would have to buy a cat first to have a hehehe.


  2. what fun but the one that wins is the cat, and the old table still occupies space. Hahaha

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