I'm going to tell you a secret. When I was a student, I lived in an apartment with two other compañeras and the three of us lived in a place that was not exactly new, nor the structure nor the furniture. Well, one day, while watching a game of the Spanish team, we took to jumping on the couch when Raul scored goal. Obviously the sofa did not support the weight very well and the two legs of one of the sides came off. Therefore we were left with a sofa that looked more like a pool hammock, turned over to the side. Until they came to fix it we had to put a spare legs and these were not other than the telephone directories, a few of a few years.

Why do I tell you this ?? You will ask. Well, there are more people who use telephone directories for decoration, although in these cases it is an option, not a necessity.

Phone books can also serve as "legs" or support for a coffee table. What we must do is join a few guides and paste them in a way that they form a circle. When we have the structure made and subject, we just have to put a glass on it, neither too big nor too heavy otherwise it will not hold us.

The result is very curious and original. Surely it will impact your visitors.

Vía: Inhabitat