In the morning I wake up and have a coffee. I shower, get dressed, I have another coffee and go out to the street, already somewhat delayed, in search of the subway station that is in the corner of my block; I find it regularly. At the time of entering the train I have the instant reaction of looking for a chair to sit on and not having to stand up, with my wallet in one hand and the mobile phone in the other, bouncing from one place to another and having approaches, sometimes too intense, with young executives, school children, university girls and early bird tourists. With older people I do not get too upset because they are sitting regularly.

In this situation I am involved every day but not every day happens to me that indeed if I find a place to sit and what is really surprising is that just before taking the place I thought about the convenience of sitting in comparison with staying in foot. What I think is that in any case I will be sitting for eight hours in the office and had, before waking up, 6 hours lying down, so it would not hurt to be 20 minutes stop; It is a statistical matter. And then I remember the comfort that the metro chairs give, the spaciousness of the squares, the pleasant company that rubs my right and left shoulders. Despite that sometimes I feel.

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ZERNO is the ideal chair, far from the subway benches, allows to achieve absolute comfort; It is a mix of sofa, pouf and magazine shelf, and that makes it perfect for hours of reading at home or at the office. Its organic shape and its multiple functions make it ideal for sitting, reclining, lying down, having long conversations, watching movies and more. It is upholstered in leather, its structure is made of steel and the shelf in transparent plastic. More information on the Website