In the ICFF Hall in New York very interesting and contemporary products have been presented that fit perfectly with the current aesthetic trend. As we have said on many occasions, nowadays any style is used to decorate, since everything is valid, even the mixture of several styles is the same space.

However, the same word "contemporary" describes something that is happening in our time, today, and that would be the style that would define the current era. Simple lines, not overloaded and including technological elements, even with modernist dyes.

From that we have been able to find in the ICFF room such as this chair manufactured by the company INNIT, a contemporary furniture producer in Mexico. From its origin, the name of the product is understood: Acapulco.

It is a chair or armchair made of very resistant steel and with the structure of the seat covered with strings of vinyl of different colors. The coating is made by hand with a Mayan weaving technique, something that gives the product more value and at the same time guarantees its durability and quality.

Regarding its shape we can see that despite the hardness of the material it is made of, it can be very comfortable given its ergonomics, with the wide and inclined backrest, conceived as a decorative element but also for rest, it is also manufactured in various sizes.

It is made in solid and vivid colors, such as red, green, blue, pink ... and also in black and white.

More information: Innit

Via: Contemporist


  1. hello I would like to give my mom a chair of these I would only like to know about material is
    Thank you. : P

  2. Hehe, it's funny how for someone miles away you're surprised by something that here in Mexico is so common that it even falls into the archaic. In fact it reminds me of the Mexican films of the 60 years. I guess that simply Innit decided to rescue him and assume as his own a design that had no signature.

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