There is no longer possible excuse. Our four-legged friends, besides giving us an unpayable company they deserve a privileged place at home. And all thanks to the accessories for pets that some signatures of decoration they have devised for them. They are fun, ultra comfortable and will give style to our pets. If you have a dog or cat, impossible to lose them.

accessories for pets
Source: Maisons du Monde

The novelty of these accessories for pets is that they bring the unmistakable stamp of great firms in the sector. First it was the Swedish giant and the last one to do it was the French Maisons du Monde. His goal has been bold and success is guaranteed: edit exclusive collections for dogs and cats that cover a wide range of accessories. Some for your day to day, and others for your moments of relaxation and leisure. That they also have them.

Accessories for irresistible pets

Source: Maisons du Monde

Of course these accessories for pets They are irresistible to all those who have pets at home. Certainly more and more as a phenomenon that spreads through the big cities around the world before a wonderful reality: the company of these family members is priceless. Hence, the decoration sector has dared to think of them as protagonists of a good part of our domestic spaces.

Source: Ikea

They make life in the kitchen, they share hours of rest in the living room with the family, they play in the bedrooms and some go to bed with their owners. In front of scenes like these, the new accessories for pets come as añillo to the finger. Propose functional designs but full of humor that will add a note of sympathy in any home corner.

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All is thought to the smallest detail in these accessories for pets. Although the most They attract attention shows the designs to sleep, we must not lose sight of other accessories. With them our dog or cat can have a kitchenware as practical as it is stylish. Perfect to leave at the foot of the kitchen table, or in a corner of the terrace enabled for him. Without giving up to wear any of these objects on the street, because the collection also includes necklaces and extensible straps.

A very restful sleep for your cat

Source: Maisons du Monde

The cat is one of the indisputable kings of these accessories for pets. The French firm has wanted to dedicate a good part of the nice proposals. There are pieces that show ingenuity and make it clear that pet decoration also seeks comfort in the hand of modern design.

How else to understand the ideas for relaxation that launches such an exclusive collection. Funny tipis at the scale of any pussycat so that from now on they have their own refuge to rest or frolic. As soon as we see them, their image leads us to another. They are inspired by the models how much success they have among the smallest of the house to decorate children's rooms with imagination.

Source: Maisons du Monde

Blank or dark gray, these teepees awaken tenderness and of course the comfort of our cat will be total. But there is more to be said about these accessories. They have also been created as an added value for decoration of the house And specifically to make special places where they usually camp. I imagine them in a living area, next to a reading corner, or as their endearing nest for our bedroom.

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Dogs with a sweet home home

Source: Maisons du Monde

Our canine friends also they have a complete chapter in these accessories for pets. All very well thought out and which more fun at the time of integrating them in the rooms or being used by them. Are objects for a full day en the life of the dog They draw attention to jars with a vintage touch to store the feed. With style and meter included. Very good to leave them on the kitchen shelf without disturbing the least.

Just as nice resulting the plastic feeders, one hundred percent functional. The novelty comes now: they are provided with a plastic case with canine motifs to transform them into much more deco pieces. The sleep time of these friends has been resolved with a pet bed of the most modern. And of course very comfortable. It will be mimicked without problems on the curved sofas of many rooms because their fabric and color, in slate gray, remind them.

This collection of accessories for pets has also reserved a section for the moment of the walk. Attentive to its nylon collar, suitable for water in case our partner dives into the water or gets wet. And its dog and bone print.

Colors and fabrics of raging news

Source: watoday

Even in the colors these accessories for pets show that they know what is trend. And that explains why the collection looks with a palette full color chromatic: solar yellow, pink stick and gray graphite. A duo of the most contemporary and nothing strange to recognize in our domestic environments. In small doses or showing off about upholstery and textiles to dress the table. They are warm and serene tones, which stimulate but without losing harmony.

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The doormat in the shape of a dog and a cat corroborate that the collection has not spared bet on natural materials Easy to maintain for some of your most tender designs. Like these carpets, de coconut fiber and capable of causing a smile to owners and animals. Surely you are ready to sign them.

Have you fallen in love with them?