Like adults, children also need a special corner where they can read, study and do their practical exercises. So today, in Decoration 2.0 We tell you how to make an independent corner that your child can use when he needs it.

The important thing is the organization and the colors. If we pretend that this space is the place where our little one performs the choreographic tasks, they can not be painted with strident colors ... use pastel shades for reflection and study.

To organize the books, notebooks and others it is enough to locate some shelves and drawers. In this way we will keep the place clean and perfect to study. Remember that order is necessary, look for some pencil holders and organizers to have everything at hand.

In addition, a folding table and a trolley with wheels will be essential to locate books and papers. This type of tables can be placed in any corner of our home.

Add some stickers to decorate the corner, use the tastes of your child ... as a character in your favorite movies or sports of interest.

Placing a fun watch will help the little one acquire a little control over their tasks. Put it on the wall or on the table.

The important thing is that your child has his own place, his own space in which to study, draw and carry out school activities ... it is also important to look for an area that can be accessible to us and that the child does not feel overwhelmed with so much expectation.

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