We have already told you about the relevance of the advent calendar, in the days that precede Christmas, a tradition that is still faithfully fulfilled in some places and that can become a beautiful Christmas decoration. Today we bring you a very easy suggestion to achieve with few elements and a very attractive result so that you look at home this Christmas, with your decoration.

It is the figure of a red Christmas tree made on the wall, and that is actually a advent calendar to decorate at the same time as to fulfill this tradition. You do not need many things and it looks very original, you also take advantage of it and make it the ideal place to place Christmas gifts or create a special environment in the living room or in the hallway. You already know that from a small idea, a bigger decoration can still emerge.

In the image as you will verify you only need, to make a paper advent calendar for the wall, envelopes in red paper, craft glue, a white marker to mark the dates. You can choose a thousand ways to make the numbers to look more attractive and you can place the envelopes with the untimed or totally chronological dates, whatever you want to do the most beautiful detail, that you will love at these parties and it will not take long time to do


The advent calendar tradition dates back to the dawn of Christianity, and of course it is a tradition that is followed in several countries although in some it has fallen into disuse, in recent years it has been recovering, the tradition of counting the previous days to the night of the birth of Christ. And it is an ideal way to combine tradition and decoration.

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