Some dogs are trained to bring objects to their owners, and we do not speak of professional training, but of a work done entirely by the caretaker with more or less patience. For example, in American movies we see how the dogs go out into the garden and pick up the newspaper, which the deliveryman has previously thrown to the door from his bicycle, also a very American image that does not happen in Spain.

Well now you can also make your dog bring you the newspaper and, best of all, without training, without vaccines, without having to take them out for a walk or clean it ... it is not the ones you will have neglected, it is that your dog will be a that will act as magazine rack.

His name is Aguayo, and is created by the Mexican study Designer's own. As far as we can read is made of ceramics, but we do not know much more since the link to the official website does not work at the moment.

Its structure imitates the body of a dog and on the back we would have a small shelf to put both magazines and books or other objects, but remember that being ceramic we can not put anything too heavy because it would break. It also represents the face of the dog, the nose, hence the initial explanation because in the hole that forms the mouth we can also save some other magazine or book, so it seems that our dog brings us the daily press, although the magazine is Two years ago.

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