Summer is in full swing and temperatures are rising on the thermometer a little more each day ... And predictions predict a very hot summer! With this panorama you need a good air conditioning at home. Today we explain you four essential requirements that has to gather your air conditioner. What is not like that? What are you waiting for to get one?

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Given the temperatures that we are reaching in recent days (and those that are expected) have a good device air conditioning at home It is not a luxury. Rather, it is an article of first necessity, if you want to be able to spend time at home in a minimally comfortable way.

However, it is not easy to choose the air conditioning system that suits us best and, once decided which type is better for us, we also do not know very well what benefits do you have to offer us? Therefore, we have decided to tell you about the fundamental requirements that a self-respecting air conditioner must have.

Take note, choose your air conditioning device as soon as possible and ... enjoy the summer!

An air conditioner suitable for space

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The first requirement that a good device has to meet is that it be suitable to the space you want to air condition. For that you have to think if you need it for a single room or for the whole house.

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In the first case, you have a lot of options for fixed or portable air conditioners, according to your needs. Portable devices are recommended when you want to transport them easily from one room to another, or if you are going to heat rental flats in which you can not make more complex and permanent facilities, or in second homes, for example.

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If what you're looking for is a good device to air-condition the whole house you have to choose between a system of hidden conduits (in case of having the previous pre-installation) or a multisplit system.

Go to specialized centers where they can advise you on the amount of frigorías that the appliance must have according to the square meters to be refrigerated.

Choose an efficient system

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Secondly, it is important that the air conditioner you choose is efficient. It is worth investing a little more and opting for a system that consume less energy. In the long run you will thank him, and much. In addition, high efficiency appliances They are also more respectful with the environment, which is important.

The most advanced devices on the market already have with inverter technology that make their consumption lower.

To know if a team is efficient you have to look at the label where the energy classification is specified. This goes from the lowest (defined with the letter G) to the highest (letter A +++). The latter are the ones that will really help you keep the electricity bill under control.

There are also other codes that indicate the level of efficiency: SEER (which measures the efficiency in cold) and SCOP (measures the efficiency in heat, for those devices that also include heat pump).

For calculate the consumption of a team, divide the power in watts of the device between the SEER code and you will obtain the watts / hour consumed in cold. To know the consumption of the heat pump, do the same with the SCOP code.

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The importance of the noise level

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This is a requirement that often goes unnoticed, when it should not be so because it is quite important. An air conditioner will be more comfortable if The noise level is low. This is especially relevant when we want a system for air conditioning a bedroom.

Ideally, the operation of the device does not exceed the 24 decibels. Above this level, the noise will be excessive.

Air quality

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Most of the air conditioning systems on the market go Equipped with standard filters. However, some have more complete filters that improve the quality of the air that is breathed in the space.

The standard filters are the most basic. It is important to clean them every so often. If you wish you can attach to your team electrostatic filters, that eliminate allergens and dust in suspension.

For those people with asthma or allergy problems, the most appropriate are the plasma or neoplasm filters, the most advanced in this sense, since they purify and deodorize the air. There are some air conditioners that include them.

And if the problem is bad odors, you can choose active carbon filters that they will absorb them without problems. Be that as it may, paying attention to the filters of the air conditioner will help you achieve a much more breathable and healthy environment.

Keeping in mind these requirements, you will surely choose the best air conditioner for your home. What are you waiting for?