With the arrival of heat, the use of air conditioning in houses is triggered, since temperatures are very high. However, many times the devices can break the aesthetics of space. Do not worry because there are multiple resources to hide and disguise the air conditioner.

How to hide the air conditioner device on the outside

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Clearly the air conditioning is essential in our homes, if we want to have an acceptable level of comfort when the hot months arrive. If they are installed on the facade and we see them, we do not care, but when they are on the terrace or on the balcony, they are not exactly beautiful. Can not be placed in a closed cabinet because they have to have a vent, but there are many options to camouflage them.

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One of the most widespread solutions for hiding the air conditioner is to use natural elements such as woods and plants.

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Place a wooden fence around the device located on the floor of the facade, you can be a good solution, because it has openings for air inlet and outlet. The wood is great and gives a natural and rustic touch very pleasing to the eye. Keep in mind that you should leave as Minimum 20 cm distance between the appliance and the wood.

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Camouflage the air conditioner with climbing plants It is an original solution. exist decorative covers that simulate natural leaves and that are prepared to respect the needs of the devices.

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They exist in the market protective cases to cover the apparatuses that visibly that is not pleasant. They have the function to protect them of adverse weather conditions.

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A good resource can be cover the wall with wooden strips. You must have a opening or door so that the technician can access the device.

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Conceal the air conditioner inside

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Currently there are very modern and sophisticated devices but they are still objects that hinder a little the aesthetics of the rooms. The splits are the part of the installation of the air conditioning that are placed inside the houses. They are placed normally on top of the wall and it has a rectangular shape.

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One solution is to place a custom furniture with grilles so that it does not hinder the entry and exit of air. You can choose between a single piece of furniture or a module composed of shelves and cabinets.

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Another resource is to integrate split in the false ceiling of the stay. To easily access it you can place a mechanized opening system that work with a remote control. For what they integrate perfectly bet on the color white.

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Economical and simple option is paint them the same color as the wall, you can too apply wallpaper on top so that the air conditioner goes unnoticed. Another solution is to place funny vinyl decorative.

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One of the most successful possibilities, is to choose an air conditioner is to choose a modern, attractive and innovative design that lace well in decoration of your home.

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The latest models of air conditioners have a high energy efficiency and elegant design. " Etherea»Is one of the latest technologies of Panasonic. On refined design and aesthetics with metallic materials in white and silver. Its operation with a high level of efficiency is due to the Inverter technology and the high performance processor. Besides a low sound level and also incorporates an anti-allergic system with purifying filter.

Prepare the house for the summer

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Little by little the heat is making an appearance and it is the right time to prepare the house for the summer months. You will have to check all doors and windows and air conditioning or cooling system. Many times we find unpleasant surprises that well need only maintenance and cleaning or a review and repair.

What is the best location to install the air conditioning split?

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One of the most recurrent doubts is where to place the splits (indoor units) inside the house. They have an outdoor unit that is placed outside the house for the hot air outlet. Another common doubt is how many split will be needed to cool the entire house.

You will have to take into account several factors: weather conditions from the area where you live and the orientation of the house. The most recommendable is to place the splits in the most transit stays and in which we spend more time (living area, dining room, bedroom).

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The latest models are perfect for place them on top of a door. In the bedroom the best place is on the bed. In living room it is best to place it in high and centered to access all corners of the room.

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The systems Multi splits are very functional and practical besides saving costs and increasing the performance of air conditioners. You can have the perfect temperature in more rooms of the house Even you can program them to activate at certain times to find your home with the ideal temperature.

What do you think of these tips to hide and disguise the air conditioner?