About decor There is nothing written. And sometimes the simplest and most useful ideas can be as charming and practical as the simplest materials.

Decorating does not have to involve a large investment of money. Below you can see some ideas that show that with simple natural materials and available to anyone can get original furniture that give a different touch to the decor without sacrificing functionality.

If you're decorating a room and you're looking for a practice nightstand that also be different, that contributes and touch of originality to the decoration, here you have an idea:


Yes, it is a simple trunk held by other smaller trunks that serve as legs.

Of course, if you prefer, you can opt for an even more practical solution: two pieces of tree trunks can be turned into two charming bedside tables.

And if what you need is a headboard for your bed, this is a good option:


It is about simple branches.
To make this beautiful headboard, the only thing you need is a wooden strip and as many branches as you need to specify the width of your headboard. You just have to cut all the branches with the same measure (the measure will depend on the height you want your headboard to have) and then fasten them to the wooden strip with the help of some nails.

The next time you take a field trip, think twice, maybe that apparently useless branch or trunk has a lot to offer your decoration ...