En Decoration 2.0 we have seen some solutions to hide unsightly cables, those that we find throughout the house and that belong to the innumerable objects of consumer electronics: mobile phones, music players, photo cameras, video cameras, hand consoles, etc ...


However instead of hiding them there is another option, what if we decorate them? It is an option to keep in mind that we have found in Original Gifts. It is an idea of ​​the French designer Nathalie Costes and basically consists of wooden beads that will conceal the cables in a decorative way.

Actually are electric extension cords coated with these beads of different sizes and colors that can even be combined with the decoration of our home.


With the amount included in the pack you can hide cables up to 3 meters and its price is 250 €. If it seems a slightly expensive option we have also thought that we can use accounts that may be at home, but be careful with the material since the heat released by the chargers can cause them to burn. Preferably they should be made of wood.

More information: Nathalie Costes

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  1. I am fascinated by this decoration for the cables, now my cables will not be washed or scattered but rather they will be given a special touch.


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