Keeping your house perfectly clean and collected is not as difficult a task as it seems. And you do not need to invest a lot of money buying endless specific cleaners for everything. Think of those products you have at home and discover how you can use them to make everything shiny. We tell you the best domestic applications of alcohol to burn.

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Alcohol to burn is a chemical compound formulated based methanol which differs from the health alcohol that we all have at home. It is used mostly at an industrial level, as a solvent for resins, lacquers and paints. It also has other uses such as acting as antifreeze for all types of vehicles.

However, burning alcohol has some interesting uses in the home, basically as an effective cleaner (at least that's what it looks like). This ease of this type of alcohol to drag and eliminate once and for all the most embedded dirt has always caught my attention and the fact is that most of these ways of using alcohol to burn are really effective. Here are the keys to prove it yourself.

Caution! Alcohol to burn is not tap water

The first thing you have to consider if you plan on using alcohol to burn in your home, is that it is a product with a high toxicity. That is, you have to use it carefully and maintaining certain safety measures.

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It is not that it is liquid plutonium, but it is a product toxic and flammable, so it is wise to be careful when using it. Of course, at home you have to keep it in a place that is totally out of reach of children and away from any heat source.

Do not ever change the container. Keep in mind that an accidental ingestion of alcohol to burn can be very dangerous, since it can cause blindness and a serious poisoning. In case of ingestion, go quickly to the hospital or call the toxicological attention service.

Anyway, do not panic too much because if we use it with caution, Using gloves and taking care when storing it, nothing has to happen.

To clean the glass

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You know that the issue of clean the glass and end marks I have a little worried ... Rather, it makes me a little sick, since it is not easy to leave crystals and bright mirrors and get them to last for a while. At least for me it is.

However, although it does not work miracles (it will be because they do not exist, and if they did exist, who would remember the crystals?), Alcohol to burn is a good cleaner for this purpose, since it helps a total brightness in all glass objects, from windows to tables, mirrors, etc.

You can make a cleaner home with water, ammonia and a splash of alcohol to burn. Or mix three parts water with alcohol to burn. Both solutions are effective.

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Impeccable tiles

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The alcohol of burning diluted in water (as I have explained in the section on cleaning crystals) is a great solution to leave impeccable kitchen tilesBecause it has great power as grease remover.

Use it also for clean the tiles from the bathroom and leave them very bright.

To polish the stainless steel

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Another of the most practical domestic applications of alcohol to burn is to use it to brighten the stainless steel. And this works for surfaces such as the countertop or the kitchen shelf, for the sink and faucets, and for electrical appliances.

It is best to use it diluted in water (one part of alcohol for three of water) using a cloth that does not scratch, although if you want to eliminate difficult spots you can use it without diluting and then rinse with water.

Remove residual adhesive

Alcohol to burn is very helpful when removing residual adhesive of a surface. For example, it will help you quickly remove adhesive labels from glass jars.

If you want to use it on other types of more delicate surfaces, try first in an inconspicuous place to see if alcohol spoils them, especially if they are shiny, since you could leave them dull.

In the kitchen

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The kitchen is one of the spaces in the house where alcohol for burning has more practical applications. We have already talked about its ability to polish stainless steel surfaces, but this is not the only way to alcohol use in the kitchen.

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For its degreasing power, alcohol to burn will help you leave clean wooden cabinets from the kitchen. In this case it is better than ammonia. Just take a good splash of alcohol in warm water and rub with a cloth furniture to leave them completely clean and free of grease.

You see, alcohol burning is a great ally in domestic cleaning. Decide to try it and you will see what results.


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