I have a kind, affable, friendly character, I am good at listening and also giving opinions about what my advice requires. I always answer the questions even though some are impossible to answer correctly. Greetings, I say goodbye, congratulate, accompany and encourage. I am a good mother, good wife, good daughter and good friend and I am not irritable. Or, I must emphasize, I do not get irritated except by the sound of the doorbell of my house, of the neighbors, the sound of the car horns, the mobile phone, the landline telephone, the alarm. I can not stand punctilious, risqué and resounding beeps that demand your attention with the delicacy of a slap in the face.

In order to face this problem that I face every day and thanks to the fact that I am a music fan, I have chosen to wear helmets and, instead of withstanding aggressive noises, I let some jazz singer tell me stories of love to the heard or that some English group put their rock in my mind.


An excellent option to achieve listen to your music only is the SCL2K SHURE sound isolating headphones that, thanks to its ergonomic design, adapts perfectly to the ear and allows the reproduction of music to be faithful -including bass- and the ambience is muted. The SCL2K is an excellent way to get into the upper segment of audio with external noise isolation. The most noteworthy feature of the SCL2K is its unique dynamic microdriver that allows it to offer a full range of sound and resonant bass. More information on the Website www.shure.com