We know that you love style Vintage, so if you want to learn how to make this beautiful pincushion with a very special style, read on.

We only need materials like a great classic cup, wadding or fabric to fill, a piece of the fabric that you like, needle and thread ... and some glue.

The first step will be to fill the piece of cloth with wadding. To make it round, what we are going to do is draw a circle on the same canvas and then fill it in. In this way we can accommodate it, without any problem, to the cup we have chosen.

Now to put it in the cup and not to move when putting the pins and other, just put a little glue on the edges and add the ball of cloth.

Once dry, it will be ready to be used or given away. Easy, beautiful and very cheap ...! This manual is practical and functional, we can always leave it as a gift for our friends or family.

As a decorative object, it is spectacular. We hope you like it.

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