The summer is coming to an end the cold will be installed little by little in our homes. The summer temperatures are already descending and the clothing of suspenders and short sleeves will disappear from the wardrobe little by little. The same happens with household clothes. When the cold is installed one of the elements that will reappear are carpets and so that you are getting ready we bring you a model called Dune, Company DAC, inspired by desert dunes and beige.

Here the color is discreet and secondary to leave more prominence to the shape and design, in which the waves drawn by the wind are drawn in the sand. It also reminds me of the shapes that the rake leaves in a Zen garden.

It is made with New Zealand wool and following the technique of "hand tufted" with which a high quality finish is achieved, softness and comfort. It is very versatile and can be installed anywhere in the house, a fact that is partly due to the number of colors in which it is made: Soft, Beach, Atacama, Gobi, Timamfaya, Sois and Sahara.

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