From Holland these curious carpets come to us. What we see in the image is not other things than little lights, the latest in the implementation of LED technology in decoration. The Dutch company LAMA has been inspired by the importance of the lighting included in the decoration and has designed these curious carpets which have been named LED Cell.

Yvonne Lurysen and Erik Mantel they have been its creators and made with felt strips of pure wool (sophistication) each with integrated lights (technology), with materials that make it non-flammable and water resistant (and durability).

Extracting the words that we have been shaping, sophistication, technology and durability, we can say that it is a design that has come to stay, extending the lighting to the ground in a very innovative and elegant way. By the way, there are many colors and combinations, and it is very easy to put on and take off, it rolls easily and takes up little space.

Further information: LAMA

Vía: Haute Living

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  1. HELLO ... I would like to know please the measurements and prices, also if you send to Ushuaia. Thank you

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