A recurring question when evaluating the way people sleep and their habits when going to bed is whether or not to use a pillow, in addition to others such as the position - most of us sleep in a fetal position -, clothing - usually between less better-, and the number of hours of sleep. I do sleep with a pillow but I give it an alternative use since I have never used it to put the head: I find it uncomfortable and I think it is not good for the position of the column. What I do is embrace it, it gives me warmth and I feel welcomed.

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When I was a little girl I used a feather pillow, but as time went on I became more allergic than the ones that populate the cities. After that, I dedicated myself to experimenting with each technological innovation of hypoallergenic products that simulate the softness of natural fibers but did not produce sneezing crisis. Recently I discovered a perfect piece that besides being as comfortable as I've always wanted, is full of light.

The pillow LIGHT EMBRACEABLE, created by the designer DIANA LIN, has many applications besides surrounding it with the arms. It can serve as occasional lighting for the living room, bedroom or office. Its luminosity is based on Japanese LED technology that provides light that does not heat (5 watts), nor dazzle. It is activated with a switch so it is possible to turn it off and keep the power of the 4 rechargeable AA batteries with which it works.

More information on the website www.dianalindesign.com