If you want to make this fantastic decorative pillowI'm sure you'll love it One of its main features is that, in addition to decorating the room of the little ones, it will serve as a pajama holder, so you will always have this well-kept.


The materials What we need will be: soft fabric, like cotton, felt to make the face and a little skill to sew it.

The first thing we will do is cut 4 cloths of the same size, these will serve to make the back and the front area. Sews from ados and stuffed with wadding to make it much more comfortable.

Now take the felt and cut the eyes, mouth and teeth ... the nose will be a pompóm we will make wool. The ears will be two pockets that we will fill with cotton or with wadding.

In the upper area we will leave an opening, so we can introduce the pajamas or nightgowns without problems. We can also put buttons or a zipper .. as you like.

As you can see with very few materials we have made a functional and decorative pajama organizer and a really comfortable pillow. We put the design, your imagination.

2 child's pillow-decoration