A few days ago we showed you how new technologies take part in the design of the home with cushions inspired by the logos of Adobe programs. On this occasion also maintain a theme "computer" but we go to one of the most fashionable companies at the moment: Apple.


Here we see a pack of 6 cushions in the shape of the most common icons of Mac, such as Finder, Widgets, iTunes, IPhoto IChat and are made by hand with a size of about 35 centimeters. The author made them for personal use, but before the success he started selling them on the Internet.

Its price is 29 $ (21 €) each cushion and 149 $ (106 €) the complete pack. They can be purchased at Throwboy.

Vía: Your Expert


  1. I agree, I'm looking for an idea for a pillow decorated for my boyfriend, and when I see these little cushions .. one day I will make you identical with the sign of music, they are super parents: D

  2. I do not know where you are from, I am an IT fan, and the truth is that in Mexico I have not seen this kind of decorative cushions focusing on the technologies, very good idea I congratulate you, I hope you can sell them here in Mexico, Regards

  3. I love that little by little the mac world is spreading and we are not seen mac users as "weirdos". The stuffed animals are great!

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