Throughout our years writing in Decoration 2.0 We have seen many types of watches, but none like the one we are going to show you next, although unfortunately you can not buy it in any store or large surface, since it is not a model for interior decoration but for urban decoration.

His name is Aluna and it is the first lunar clock in the world. It will be located in London, on the banks of the Tamesis, and will be illuminated according to the lunar activity, indicating the phases of the moon, its position in the sky and the height of the tides. All this through three concentric rings that will light up according to the type of lunar activity.

According to his creator, Laura Williams, his name is a word from the Kogui people, from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, in northern Colombia, and he seeks to connect Londoners with nature, according to Williams "he acts as a link between us, the Earth and the Moon.

In its mission to bring nature closer to human beings, the rings, 40 m wide and 13 high, are made of recycled glass by local communities, and the lights that are illuminated are LED lights, which save energy, under each ring. It will be installed in front of the financial center of the city in the same year in which the British capital will host the Olympic Games London 2012 "offering an opportunity to Londoners to lower the pace of life and connect with a deeper dimension", in the words of its creator .

Undoubtedly one more attraction that will continue mixing the traditional with the modern and in this case, the urbanism of the financial center of «La City» with the natural influence of the Moon.

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On You Tube we can find a recreation of the ring and Laura Williams statements made to the British BBC.

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