If you feel like it decorate With the colors that you like, go ahead! Many are the people who do not dare to take the step with bright and vibrant colors. The custom of offering, in this space, more sober or classic colors makes more saturated tones are left, sometimes, on the side.

The trick is to use them with equilibrium, without exceeding us. Otherwise we will saturate the environment. To paint our kitchen and decorate the color that we like, we must take into account the furniture of the room, color and dimensions.

If we want to find the perfect balance, we will use parts with neutral colors like gray, white, cream or a pearl. In this way we will achieve that balance sought. Think that the percent of the strongest tones will not exceed an 30%.

We can apply, strong tones, to the walls, furniture in general, majolicas, articles and decorative objects, kitchenware, ornaments ... etc.

On the other hand we can also collect more than one strong color. Think that the ideal will be colors that complement each other, we will look for a nice contrast.

We can combine a neutral tone on the walls and another more lively for door handles, pots or some appliances ... decorate as you want to decorate.

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