As mothers we know that well-designed objects are essential in the spaces in which children develop their lives as their imagination is stimulated. The modular furniture systems encourages us, and the kids too, to consider the issues of storage and furniture in a joint way, since it depends on us the way we use the modules, our specific needs and the age of the children .

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The modular furniture system for children SIXEIGHT, created by the Germans SUZANNE AND JAMES HERBERT, has as its main idea the study of the concepts of functionality, design, experimentation and reuse of the pieces. The furniture recalls the functional aesthetics of the BAUHAUS and they try to influence deeply the sensitivity of the children, with colors, proportions, functionality and design. The furniture line is produced with high quality plywood baltic, which, in combination with the exclusive palette of colors and the high degree of compatibility of the pieces and the environments, make up an elegant furnishing system, in which the imagination itself they are represented. You can find dressers, cabinets, diaper changing stations, beds and work areas and creativity. The modules are perfectly stable and well constructed. To know more about this system it is best to visit the website