Before leaving home we give our last approving look in front of the mirror. This, which is how the best and most sincere of friends, tells us if we are ready to undertake the adventure, if we better give a new revision to our attire or if it is time to return to the exercise routine. There is never a mirror over the entrance of our house, a beautiful mirror in the living room to expand the space, in the bathroom one full body and some small with magnifying effect to achieve a perfect makeup, and one in the portfolio to see the boy next to you, on the elevator.
A very useful idea is to recover the mirrors of the old wardrobes and give them a new use. It is only a question of disassembling them from the furniture, it is not necessary to remove the hinges or the handle of the door, as they give it an original and ancient touch. It is important, yes, to clean the wood very well, it will be the frame of the mirror, and the metallic elements will shine a little.

adhesive mirror
There is also a completely new product called ADHESIVE MIRROR BASE that when placed on any smooth surface, such as doors, walls or bathroom mosaics, becomes the most traditional and useful mirror that we have been able to find before. Among its best qualities is its price, five times cheaper than traditional mirrors, in addition to the versatility of its applications, since it has 3 mm. thick and adheres on its own. We can cut it as our need does not indicate it and we will not have the risk of it breaking or falling. The sheets, which measure 150 cm. x 58 cm. they are in the VENCA online store The price, 12,99 € each sheet. Fantastic!