I like the plants because they add a touch of intense color to the decoration of the house, because they are dynamic and appearance varies cyclically, because teaching their care to children promotes in them values ​​such as responsibility and environmentalism, but above all, because I am sure that the air quality improves if they are present. how? Easy, I learned it in high school. Photosynthesis generates oxygen and consumes carbon dioxide. What I do not know is how many plants I need to keep the environment of my house healthy.

The ANDREA air filter, invented by French designer MATHIEU LEHANNEUR in conjunction with Harvard prof. DAVID EDWARD, transforms the indoor plants of our floor into effective air filters that effectively eliminate toxins and pollution from the domestic environment.

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The filter is 40 times more efficient than carbon purifying filters and does not require component changes. ANDREA purifies the air naturally by driving it through a silent fan through the leaves and roots of the plant, then through a water filter and then through a solar filter. When the whole process is finished, the air returns to the room completely clean.

Unlike regular filters that collect particles and toxins and that must be changed regularly, ANDREA takes advantage of the natural metabolism of plants, allowing biochemical transformation of waste. Any type of plant can be used in conjunction with the filter to absorb and metabolize the harmful chemicals that circulate in the environment but it is recommended, to maximize the performance of the filter, to use it with Aloe Vera, Cintas and Azucenas. More information on the Website www.inhabitots.com