Animal Chair Series They are fun children's chairs that have the shape of several animals integrated into their structure, specifically they have the shape of an elephant and a giraffe.

They are created by the Israeli designer Elad Ozeri and, for example, and characterized so that the two indicated animals are identified. Thus, for example, the elephant chair has the backrest with the lateral shape of the head of an elephant, so that we see an eye and the trunk, which reaches the ground becoming the fourth leg. By the way, it even has its own name: Zelig.

The giraffe, called Zelda, it is represented through its identifying characteristic, the long neck, which forms the backrest finished in the nice ears, with the legs crossed in front as if it were sitting.

The merit of this design is double because it was the designer himself who made them by hand, cutting them from an acrylic piece of different colors and giving them the shape of an elephant or giraffe. Once cut, I applied the necessary heat to soften the material and give it the final shape.

They are made in many fun and eye-catching colors for children, including a transparent model.

The design was part of the designboom mart, within ICFF of New York 2010, a few weeks ago. We do not know Ozeri intends to make a more extensive collection but it would be a good idea to expand the number of animals like others like the lion, hippopotamus, zebra ... which are very attractive for children.

More information: Designboom