One of the most effective ways for children to learn is to teach things through a fun method that at the same time helps them relate concepts and ideas. This practice is applicable both for the learning of school content and for other aspects of life and the world around them, for example for the care of nature and animals.

Cocoboheme has launched a line of slate vinyl for children called «Endangered Species" in which several animals in danger of extinction are reflected. In this way, the children will know about the existence of these animals and the danger they have of disappearing.

In addition, they also assume a care of nature because they are manufactured in bioplimer based on potato starch, and do not contain petroleum-derived materials.

Six different species are represented in the collection: the red colobus from West Africa, Koala in Australia, emperor penguin and polar bear, Isabelle de los Pirineos butterfly and the Greek tortoise.

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