… I believe that There is a pig among my books! But where did it come from? And that giraffe? If this has ever happened to you, I think your library is being invaded by fashion!Animal Index!

The Japanese designer and teacher Hiroshi Sasagawa Honors this "new" concept. His idea is to make an index with animals. He places them on the shelves of books, in such a way that they seem to come out of them. We already know about the Japanese people's love of animals ... and this becomes quite curious.

These toNimalillos are made, as if silhouettes were treated, in black Each of them consists of two parts, from the middle of the body to the head and from the other half of the body to the hind legs.

Among the animals are the pig, the giraffe and the reindeer. Its measurements and weight are the following:


Head: W 186 x D2 x H 217mm

Queue: W 200 x D2 x H 213mm

Weight: 23 gr


Head: W 215 x D2 x H 307mm

Queue: W 156 x D2 x H 195mm

Weight: 25 gr


Head: W 195 x D2 x H 184mm

Queue: W 160 x D2 x H 195mm

Weight: 23gr

These indexes are sold on the page www.shop.h-concept.jp It costs 1.575 Yen, about 14 €. They are ideal for externally ordering all kinds of books such as stories, encyclopedias, photo albums ... or music CDs that we have on the shelves.

Practical or not are a decoration charm, it seems that the little animals jumped out of the books ... I think with a bit of black cardboard ...

If you do not know how to order your books, these great indexes They can solve your problem. If you like animals check out their website, you will surely love it.