When the space is a water area of ​​a gymnasium, a sports center, the locker room of a club, swimming pool, it is necessary to isolate creatively the individual shower area of ​​the rest, hence the adaptation of the Anna model to a public space. The model Anna of Lasser, with practicable doors with external opening.

It is made to measure, with tempered glass of 8 mm except for the door that is 10 mm. Upper bar with glass clamps and stainless steel hinges. Bottom profile for perfect sealing of the doors.

This composition can be chosen between different types of crystals:

  • Transparent and nuanced; transparent tempered glass
  • Special and customized shading; screenprinted
  • TopForte glass, double crystal super resistant
  • TopKlar glass, super transparent glass
  • Crystal TopColor, availability to choose between several colors
  • Aquanet treatment, is an anti-stain and anti-stain treatment, applicable in any of our crystals and exclusive to Lasser.

This composition is born to give life to new spaces, creative and functional where privacy and design is a premise, where personalization and style is a condition.

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