I have asked my mother to let me delve into her belongings and ask her for a Christmas gift whatever I want from what she finds. It sounds a bit spoiled, and it is, but it is that every time I am more convinced that among the old furniture of the houses of parents, uncles and grandparents, there are fabulous treasures of design. I remember perfectly the many and varied accessories that passed through the rooms of my father's house: Louis XV chairs, seventies appliances, DALLAS or DYNASTY bars, Franciscan banks. All the styles waiting for me and my desire for restoration.


In fact, I have already seen several pieces of furniture that I could, without any remorse, take from my mother's house and put them in mine. Some mirror that has dust, crockery, tablecloths, chairs, comfortable.


What I'm sure will stay is a dresser that she inherited from her grandmother. It is a beautiful piece called CREDENZA / BUFFET manufactured by CALVIN OF CALIFORNIA and designed by PAUL MCCOBB for the furniture collection IRWIN COLLECTION. Constructed in walnut and finished in marble, it has three folding doors and 8 drawers. It measures 71.25 inches wide, by 19 of deep and 34.25 of height. More information on the Website www.metroretrofurniture.com