Take advantage of all the space of your home with ingenious and economic ideas. The small apartments have a lot to say and with a little ingenuity you can take advantage of the space much better.

small apartmentsThere are thousands of ideas to decorate small apartments and get the most out of your space. Here I leave you a few ideas so that you have them in mind if you want to multiply the functionality of your reduced spaces.

Light and white color

small apartments

Take advantage of natural light like the one that comes from the windows (in this case of high ceiling). If you also choose the white color as the protagonist in the floor and walls, it will look bigger and you will magnify the space of small apartments much more.

Beds in the heights

small apartments

To take advantage of the space you can place a bed on the heights. As you can see, the sofa and the bed can fit without the room being crowded, even if it looks bigger. In addition, wood gives uniformity to space and a sense of continuity.

Place the bed in a closet

small apartments

Between two doors you see the bed tucked into a small hole (directly embedded, or, put in the hole of a closet that you do not use). A pretty ingenious idea that helps you gain space in small apartments.

Small apartment in Barcelona

small apartments

This apartment uses a shelf to divide the space. In addition, they play with recycling creating a beautiful pallet table. Practical, economical and functional look at the wheels!

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Play with interior linings

small apartments

Clearly, on this occasion the space is divided through the different wall coverings. Both areas are also well defined by the carpet on the floor.

The table and chairs are transparent to help expand the visual space. And the fixtures to light up are great since there is very little natural light. Without a doubt, some good tricks to give a feeling of space in small apartments.

Play with different floors

small apartments

Stoneware and wood, marble and terrazzo... Divide the apartment with different types of floors. In this case, the walls and ceiling share the same color, and with a small wall, everything is even more marked.

An apartment with natural touches

small apartments

Small apartments can be decorate in white and with touches of vegetation. In this case, some pots are arranged in different places. The greenness of them seeks the contrast with white.

Apartment illuminated with artificial light

small apartments

There are small apartments with a large deficiency in matter of natural lighting. In this case, the wall lamps and artificial lamps illuminate the space. In addition, the transparent door is perfect for light to be distributed in small apartments.

Vertical stripes

small apartments

Use the vertical stripes to give height to your apartment. If it is low ceiling or just very small, the stripes on the wall are a solution. In this case, they have chosen a nice combination between white and a very light green.

Narrow apartment

small apartments

In a nice white color and with the wooden floor, this apartment It is very well organized. In combination with black, the kitchen and living room combine very well. Of course, they have divided the space using the sofa, arranged horizontally.

A single color to give uniformity

small apartments

The grey color, It is perfect to add uniformity to space. As you can see, in this case, the walls, the ceiling and even the bed share this color.

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Bed or bookstore?

small apartments

Ingenious way to keep the bed, when it is not needed. This furniture also has space to put all the books or DVDs that we have. And, something that catches my attention, besides that red color, is the lighting of the furniture.

Small house in white and beige

small apartments

Although it has a double floor, it is an apartment with very few square meters. The combination of white and beige, it gives a very nice atmosphere. Playing with different shades of the same color, in furniture, floor and textiles and using white on the walls, will give a little more visual space.

Apartment in black and white

small apartments

Take advantage of the high ceilings. On this occasion the apartment is decorated in black and white. A luxury to see from above.

Living and dining

small apartments

An open wall is what separates them both. All well combined with white and black colors. The wooden floor is lovely.

Combine the white color and the wallpaper

small apartments

Beautiful apartment, where the bedroom stands out thanks to the wallpaper on the wall. For the rest, the white and the transparent complements do their work illuminating the space more.

Gray and orange Double height!

small apartments

This double height apartment, perfectly combines gray color, white and touches of orange. The bedroom is upstairs.

Kitchen and television integrated into the wall

small apartments

It's not a bad idea, use the walls to embed some furniture. In this case, you can see the kitchen on one side and the space on the television and the shelves on the other.

Folding or stackable furniture

small apartmentsTake advantage of the space with furniture that you can store or fold. Look how pretty the wooden table. In addition the stools or the table can be stacked. This space, also enjoys the color white and wood.

Separate with shelves

small apartments

This space, is separated with two shelves not too high. They look good and they are practical. It also has good artificial lighting, for the night.

Split spaces with a kitchen island

small apartments

This apartment, It is divided by a small kitchen island. It stands aside and is quite practical. What do you think?

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Combine brick with wallpaper

small apartments

Beautiful apartment, where you see the brick on the wall giving a rustic touch. And, surprising also, when I turn the corner and see a kitchen with a certain glamor a beautiful black wallpaper I love it!

Black as an elegant color

small apartments

This beautiful color, can be combined with many others. In this case, combines with white creating divided spaces like the kitchen and the living room.

Attic apartment

small apartments

Interesting housing, where it highlights a very elegant gray and the luminous white. The roof gives a bohemian touch to the place.

Wall or table?

small apartments

Interesting structure, which can be great to decorate a small apartment, like this one. As you see, the wall is at the same time a table where you can work, study or eat.

Double-height apartment

small apartments

The bedroom is on one side and the kitchen on the other. The latter, receives the best light to cook. While the bedroom is less illuminated separated by a wall.

Apartment with fireplace

small apartments

Divine apartment! Although small, It is very well planned. The attic area, gives an extravagant touch.

DIY at home

small apartments

If you love working with wood, use some of them to build a wall. You can leave it with the natural color of the wood or, paint it.

Purple apartment

small apartments

If you like this color and your home is small, use the same to paint the projections on the wall. Use different tones to decorate.

White color and double height

small apartments

Paint up the white ladder, then you can add some contrast with some elements. The headboard looks handmade and gives a lot of color, what do you think?

The truth is that there Wonderful solutions to take advantage of the apartments. You can choose many different styles. Some more elegant, others more rustic or full of fantasy. At Freshome we have found many of these ideas.

Which one is the most you like? What is your style?

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