Color is one of the most powerful tools we have to create an environment. He is able to change the essence of a space, depending on how it is used. Today we are going to talk about one of the most decorative effects with which we can decorate the house: the color gradient.

color gradient
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The color gradient, also known as ombré effect, It is a pictorial and decorative technique with which you can get amazing results. It consists of applying different intensities of the same color on a surface Gradually It can be from the lightest shade of color to the darkest, or vice versa. The result, in any case, is spectacular.

A renovated house with color gradient

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Sometimes the color gradient is structured in different perfectly delimited strips. Although, personally, I like it more when the zones of separation between the different shades are not noticed, and the step from one to the other is made in a diffused form.

One of the advantages of the color gradient or ombré effect is its versatility and its ability to adapt to different objects and surfaces. This way you can use it to paint the walls of a room, for textiles or to decorate furniture.

Beauty and magic in the walls

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There are thousands of different ways to decorate the walls with paint. From choosing different colors to dress them by themselves, paint Chevron style zigzags. But among those that I find most interesting is to apply the gradient of color on them. Also, it's so easy that you can do it yourself.

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The first task, and one of the most important, is choose the color with success. Much of the success of this pictorial adventure will depend on this decision. If you choose a very dark tone, the brightness of the room may be reduced. And if the color is very intense, it may be too loud and scandalous.

Therefore, my recommendation is opt for light colors that, although they rise in intensity, do not reduce the sense of spaciousness of the room. Pastel colors They are a good alternative, and they are also a trend today.

How to paint the wall with ombré effect

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After choosing the color of which you are going to paint the wall or walls, get the different intensities that you will use, from the lightest shade to the darkest. Use the meter to measure and draw lines on the wall to help you separate the stripes.

Start painting the clearest stripe, whether it's up or down, paint the next one, and before the paint dries Blurs the separation line with the help of a sponge. Do not use fast-drying paint, you do not want it to dry too soon because you can not blur the dividing line. Repeat the process with all the color intensities.

A peculiarity of the ombré effect or color gradient is that you can do it horizontally, vertically or diagonally, according to your own taste. You can even make the gradient with zigzag stripes. Anything goes.

Textiles with a gradient effect to animate your living room

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Although the most spectacular result of the color gradient is achieved by painting the walls with this technique, this option may be too powerful for you and you prefer a more discreet touch for your home.

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But if you do not dare to paint the walls, you can dress your house with textiles decorated with ombré effect. You will give a very original touch. You can change the cushions, or choose rugs or curtains decorated in the ombré style. Of course, do not bet on all these elements at once.

A great idea to decorate your furniture

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The technique of color gradient is not limited only to walls or textiles. Also used to paint furniture and, in many cases, give old air to old parts.

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The gradient is great to renew, for example, a dresser. It involves painting each drawer of a different intensity of the same color. If you have many drawers, the range and nuances will be wider. If you have few, the gradient from one tone to another will be more marked. But in both cases you will love the result.

Also in your chairs

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It is also a good idea paint wooden chairs or armchairs following the color gradient procedure. The furniture renovated using this technique are original and very original. Dare to choose bright and cheerful colors, especially if you are going to paint auxiliary furniture, chairs or small pieces.

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As you see in the images, color is an inexhaustible source of inspiration and resources when decorating any room in the house. Do not hesitate, take a brush and roller and give your creativity wings. It will take you much further than you think.