We all like to maintain an order in the kitchen, but in many occasions this becomes impossible. The little time that we have, sometimes the little space and the great trasiego, in this zone of the house, are some of the many factors by which usually this stay of the home usually is disorganized.

Keeping the drawers and cabinets clean and tidy will facilitate good organization, but to this we must add auxiliary accessories that duplicate our space.

To decorate a kitchen in a practical and functional way, to help us in a good organization we will look for versatile and practical articles.

If we have cabinets with doors, we can add height adjustable shelves or extractable baskets. Also we will take advantage of the corners, here we can add a plate holder, staggered supports to locate containers, jars, flasks, lats or baskets fixed to the doors.

The drawers and drawers will help us organize the cutlery, spices ... etc. add hidden drawers, accessories for pots and pans, we can hang them from the ceiling. In specific places we can find many solutions for the kitchen.

The wall will be a perfect place to store vertically, we can add shelves where to locate the objects that we use the most.

We can use the bars to hang utensils, tea towels, kitchen paper; add shelves for spices, cover or storage media will help us in our organization.

A small shelf will be perfect to have at hand the cups, jugs and coffee sets that you use the most.

Adding a wine rack to our decoration will also save us space if we place it on the wall.

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