Achieve a decor adequate, functional, comfortable and pleasant in narrow spaces It is really complicated ... It is necessary to use the furniture and the appropriate elements depending on the available width.

If you have a hallway, a hall or any passage area with a rectangular shape, narrow, the ideal is to bet on low-end furniture to decorate that space. With this type of furniture you will save space and at the same time you will have a space in which the furniture and elements that decorate it do not hinder or disturb the passage.

This image is a perfect example of what I mean:

narrow space

If you look, it's about something narrower or less than usual. They fulfill the same function as any other bookshelf, you can place pictures or use them as a storage system, but when dealing with them you will be achieving a less charged environment.

Another perfect option is to opt for furniture hanging on the wall, like the kind of drawers that you can see in the image. In this case, the advantage is that there will be no obstacles in the ground, so the transit through that space will be much simpler and more comfortable, without the risk of unwanted trips due to the lack of space.

A good lighting It is essential in this type of space. Caring for colors and lighting, both natural and artificial, will visually enlarge the space.

The mirrors they are indisputable allies when it comes to decorating spaces with these characteristics, they visually expand the space through their reflections and their capacity to enhance luminosity.