Porch with glass enclosure

Why give up the use of our terrace or our porch throughout the year? Surely more than one you have an open space to which you only give use in spring and summer, but you would like to use it throughout the year for the versatility of using that space for meetings and leisure. Also, if it is a space next to the living room, we can use it to expand this for those family runnings for which we do not have too much space.

If you have a space like this and you do not know how to take advantage of it, today we give you some advice to take advantage of those porches or unused terraces at certain times of the year; this solution is none other than install a glazed enclosure.

This system allows us not only the use of these spaces in the cold months, but also in the afternoons of storm or wind of the summer and spring months. This type of enclosures to be glazed do not let us renounce the brightness and views of these spaces, but in addition to conserving those characteristics, it contributes acoustic and thermal insulation when it is required

Still you can think that it is a high price to pay having to close a space that we like open for the months of good weather, but it is not like that, the glass enclosure can be folded on itself and be collected for good weather, so the only disadvantage I can think of is that we have to make an economic outlay, but we must bear in mind that an investment of this type is cheaper than looking for a peak or a larger house.

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