You do not need to pay a fortune for some retro-style piece for your garden (or for any part of the house). These two chair models, Aruba y Tonga, Signing The Pier they are the cheapest items you can find.

pier garden chairs

Both are stackable and occasional, to use both inside and outside the home. Both are manufactured with rattan, a type of palm from various places in Asia, Africa and Australia that is very resistant and conveniently treated for the manufacture of furniture. Each of them can be obtained by something more than 50 €.

More information: The Pier

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  1. Hi, I'm in Buenos Aires Argentina, I'm interested to know where the Aruba and Tonga armchairs come from, I need 3 from them and I would like to know in addition to the exact price, how much the shipment comes from and where they ship it from.

    Also if they sell them in Buenos Aires it would be good to know.
    Thank you

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