I am not the kind of person who falls asleep very early, the night is a good time for me; I feel active and full of energy. It is in the night that I share with my family, when I see my friends and my husband's friends. The dinners seem much more interesting to me and definitely the cinema was made to see it in the dark. Regularly the children fall asleep to the 10 and I to the 2 am and I must confess that those four hours a day in which I stop thinking about them allows me to keep on the rope the next day.

Nor am I the type of person who gets up early and should be because I fall asleep late, but I will not give up my few hours of my own. In any case, I wake up, not to the 6 am but to the 7: 30, the boys know how to cope alone. I hug them and they leave. They shower at night and eat cereal and fruit, they do not really need me in the morning, but they want to see me and I want them.

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For these two reasons I need an alarm clock next to me that wakes me up with the accuracy of atomic time, that is loud enough for me to notice, that it does not have a hateful tone and that it resists blows against the wall, the wardrobe or the floor. The Model WT-2165U is a digital alarm that in addition to having the exact time, anywhere in the world, also reports on temperature, date and is portable: it measures 3.63 inches x 2.63 x 0.86 and runs on batteries. More information on the website www.lacrossetechnology.com