One of the spaces generally forgotten, or belittled in their aesthetic capacity within interior decoration are our ceilings.


And is that it is generally believed that they are really difficult to paint, their aesthetic impact is limited and their importance is irrelevant, but a properly decorated ceiling can be the most important piece of decoration, and that feature that really marks a differential.

To decorate our ceilings we currently find several forms, ways and trends, first of all we must clarify that it is not an isolated object but must respect the aesthetic characteristics of the entire environment, taking advantage of its morphological condition to raise prominence of graphic nature.


That is why we currently have several graphic trends in the decoration of our ceilings, some of them propose the implementation of materials such as acrylic or pvc, decorated with motifs of great aesthetic capacity and artistic relevance, creating a piece of art in our own roof.


The development of these trends is mainly due to the cutting edge in digital printing, and their costs vary in relation to the quality and benefits that they promise, particularly if you decide on this decorative tendency, I recommend fabrics as a place to print, they can be washed, I can even remove or change them with incredible ease, providing a highlight to the space without compromising their integrity.

decoration-ceiling-6 decoration-ceiling-5

Another trend in the graphic nature is application of vinyl the same as in a wall relate to the ornamental objects arranged, in this case the luminaires with which they will have a remarkable combination as the trends are respected and the characteristics are added.