These days I'm a bit nervous because in the flat opposite now lives a young man, about 34 years, who probably does sports and takes good care of your teeth, uses a delicious perfume -which I think is Hugo Boss- , and he is so kind and friendly every time I cross him. So much so that the last time we met, he invited me to have tea in his house. I of course did not accept but I got even more nervous.

Before the handsome flight attendant arrived, who bothered my tranquility, there were two adorable old people who were invited to the Christmas dinner and who always remembered my birthday. Now I just hope I can meet in the elevator with this Bruce Willis that torments me and greet him. I hope that we can become friends and that I can keep my marriage. I have to overcome this crisis or it would be the third time that I fall into the same error. I hope you are not interested in me because it would be the doom, it would be much better to prefer my husband, so we would have a topic to talk about.

In honor of my neighbor and considering that I am now obsessed with flights, with destinations and with flight attendants I have found a beautiful desk made with recycled material from an airplane. Designed in 2008 from part of the wing of a commercial airplane, the DEBORAH desk is made of aluminum and stainless steel. It weighs 150 kilograms. More information on the Website