Many times we have seen solutions for ordering the cables that used to be complements, auxiliaries, small devices in which to store and organize the excess of cables propitiated by the quantity of electronic devices that we have at present.

However aTable it is more than a complement to organize them, it is a complete table dedicated to solve the problem. It is made with a mixture of reinforced resin and fiberglass which has allowed to leave hollow areas in its legs, in all four, to be able to remove the cables. On the tabletop it has a hole that communicates with the inside of the leg and reaches down, introducing the cables there to move them away from the table so that they do not get in the way.

As you can see, this table, made with a mixture of reinforced resin and fiberglass, has a hole in its upper part through which you can enter the cables, which will travel inside the leg of the table and will come under this.

Vía: Slashgear