It is true that it is increasingly expensive to have a large space in the city and that it is unfair that our young children have to grow up in an environment full of elements that take away their freedom of movement. It is also true that we find it more comfortable to live in the center itself and that we do not want to leave it because it has been there where we have lived all our lives and we really value being close to its push. So the dilemma is how to make our little space more clear and also how to entertain our kids in such a small place.

Here is a story and a solution:


The British designer BEN WILSON was called by the SIROCCCO STUDIO to create a modular object inspired by a new furnishing model that included many functions in one and took into account the small children of large families, full of energy and accompanied by many others. in years. The object to achieve was that it could have a use in the daily life of the home or office, besides having fun.

The result of the exercise was the creation of four mobile units that can be grouped together in many ways, configuring dynamic spaces, or they can also be used unitarily with the same variety of options.

The basic module has several functions such as table, chair, shelf and race car, for children: its highest part is flat, measures 90 cm as a table and serves perfectly to provide this service, its lower part makes angle with a back and create a chair; the table of the table can be rotated and allows to keep inside. The unit was also inspired so that children could use it as a racing car, has side doors that open like a regular car, trunk and windows.

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