Bahia Babia is a store specialized in furniture "vintage»Especially from the decade of 50, 60 and 70. In their collection they offer items from designers like Charles and Ray Eames, Robin Day, Giancarlo Piretti, etc ... as well as anonymous but high quality pieces from France, Germany or Italy.

Do you remember those old glass tables on which the telephones rested? A classic, without a doubt, that you can also find in its pages. Its headquarters are in Navarra but you can also purchase your articles through the Internet, through its website. Not only do they sell their articles, but also the alilas for film productions, advertising and theater. His furniture has appeared, for example in «Volver» by Pedro Almodovar.

Furniture, seats, tables, accessories of all kinds, telephones, etc ... all items are in an impeccable condition, some new and others restored for sale (although they may have some "signal" of the evident passage of time, detail that does not another thing that to contribute an added value).

Further information: Babia


  1. Thank you very much for the clarification, we read the title wrong, but it is already corrected.

    We are glad that you like the post. We wish you many more successes with your products.

    A greeting!

  2. Hello!
    As the owner of the store Babia, I was very excited to find this review about the store, only a small nuance: although the link to the store's website is fine, the correct name is Babia.
    Thank you and long live the vintage!

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