Bamboo Table It is an extendable table for the living room, but what is peculiar about it is its design and its expansion system. I will try to explain it with words, although it is best to see the process of change in the images.

In principle it is a bamboo wood coffee table. With a simple movement it transforms into a dining table, and what were once the legs that supported the coffee table become the extensible part, which gives more inches to our dining table. The legs of this new table emerge under the table, and are higher, which increases the space and also increases the height.

The designer, Tom Rossau, he thought about this design because his girlfriend had a coffee table in a very small room and when they had to dine or they had guests there was no room for a bigger one, which solved the two problems. Ingenuity, always wit.

Further information: Tom Rossau

Vía: Contemporist


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