I like to watch documentaries about nature and fall asleep with the background sound. It is a common practice during summer after-dinner. I especially like documentaries about the sea. I coo listening to the sound of the waves and the one made by the divers who record. I think, while I fall asleep, that I am also immersing myself in the Atlantic and suddenly a dolphin comes and saves me. I connect ideas almost in the form of an absurd dream and I remember how I was shocked that Pinocchio was swallowed by a whale, and I infer that this should not be at all comfortable.

The other day, following all my fascination with the sea and decoration, I started looking for products inspired by the marine theme, water, waterfalls, etc. There are many. However, I have stayed hooked to this set of furniture for bathrooms that seems to come from the head of Geppeto after living the experience of the story.

Imagen 11

This is the bathtub and sink designed from the shapes and colors of the blue whale, better known as killer than beautiful. The sinuous lines of its design conform to a type of house in which the natural is the protagonist. The smooth, rounded and simple geometry is directly inspired by the body of that great animal, agile, with shiny and perfectly smooth skin. The black and white colors also play with the imagination of those who, like me, already want one of those bathtubs at home. Taking a relaxing bath in it has to be like being in the warm and protective belly that we imagined as children when we listened to those stories before going to sleep. How to listen to the sea in the background. I love her!

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The K-Whale bathtub and washbasin is an exclusive product of the Russian designer Yaroslav Rassadin for the Man-Works-Design studio. More information on the Website www.manworksdesign.com