When applying design in the interior There is a wide range of giving an original point to our spaces, among the multitude of adornments, styles, occurrences and advice seen, this has attracted my attention for its simplicity and elegance, with which Get a very modern space in a bathroom with simple indirect lighting in a bathtub.

The light applied in a recessed bathtub becomes a very special design element. A soft glow coming from a groove on the edge of the bathtub gives off a halo of white light produced by the LED, also the idea is designed to be able to choose a slot in different colors that can provide different environments, from a intense red, to ebony or the aluminum.

According to its designers, this bathtub is an interpretation of luxury in our times, each piece of the series shows subtlety, without becoming exaggerated or presumptuous.

Also for those who are thinking about acquiring this piece of Duravit, indicate that it is in several sizes for the embedded version and there is a Exempt version with capacity for two people that will undoubtedly make the senses of the lucky ones enjoy it.

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