Rest in necessary and towards the end of the year it is essential to be able to take some time to rest and to reflect on what we have done and what we have not done. At this time of the year we can not do anything for our projects beyond closing them or postponing them, but it is very useful to take a look and put some order in the schedule of our life. What has not happened will not happen but we will have time in the first days of the new year to plan our near future.

The year that has passed has left me with a good feeling, I have made fundamental changes in my life and in my environment. The relationship with my husband has improved and the education of the children is going very well; They get good grades at school and they definitely speak, read and write better and better. In decoration matters I am glad to have the project to redecorate the floor for the year 2010. I have already started but everything is to be defined and I can not rest in my activities. Today I decided to contribute to the main bathroom.


I have the perfect furniture that combines the sink, the shower, the bathtub and the shelves, in a futuristic style that I love. It is called EBB and is produced by USTOGETHER. Made in acrylic and with the possibility of combining the placement of the pieces in different ways, it is an excellent accessory to give a new image to good sized bathrooms. More information on the Website