A small, sad and lugubrious bathroom can become, as if by magic, an elegant bathroom full of light. you do not believe it? You just have to look at these photos and appreciate the change. It is the same space, but one image has nothing to do with the other. Door Sixteen The miracle has worked and, although the space is small and has been a complicated task, they have finally achieved an impeccable result.

The white color gives the feeling of cleanliness and spaciousness and the window, without a shutter, takes on a role that it did not have before. The orientation of the bathtub, the inhodoro, the floor tiles and the wall paint have been changed. Instead, it has been used white lacquered pine wood and decorative paper for one of the walls. The rest have been painted white. A detail that gives amplitude in the placement of the mirror, before on one side and now in a corner.



Via: Casa sugar