modern bathrooms

The bathroom is one of the most cared spaces of the modern decoration, its cOnception as a deeply intimate and welcoming space is qualified with spaces of a high decorative value where the shapes and colors are presented in a refined and harmonious way, predisposing the highlights, in a space where the accessories are remarkable victims and main references of the evolution that the decorative practices that arise.

modern bathrooms

That is why although we relapse on several opportunities on the making of this space, a completely different design merit the accessories that are developed, since from the invention of some essential elements such as the toilet there is a direct influence on the same applied for the development of various industries and the needs of societies as dynamic as they are creative in their desire to elegance and careful aesthetics.

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And it is in this way that modern toilets respond to current aesthetic concepts, away from that first conformation promoted by Sir John Harrington at the end of 1596, developed in the theme 2-B-2 is a company that develops in the making of novel artifacts and transgressors proof of this are their toilets, Mrs Hudson is one of his incredible lines designed to young and colorful bathrooms, with forms that rub in many cases the funny thing but always taking care of the comfort and the impact of the piece in the global conformation.

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Undoubtedly something that also implements modern decoration in all aspects, are those highlights of an artistic value, as we see it present in period furniture, but taking the task of ornamentation of the piece to more incredible concepts, product of the evolution of techniques of industrial character that allow to create incredible wonders, Jemal Wright is a creator that took advantage of these characteristics and developed a toilet completely decorated with Swarovski crystals, a different way to decorate our bathroom whose price far exceeds the 50 thousand dollars.

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But not only are toilets victims of creativity and vanguard in equal or greater measure the toilets also suffer the vicissitudes of this immeasurable development, Hight Tech is a company dedicated to the creation of modern and elegant elements, and seems to achieve it to a large extent with the sink designed by the creative Ammonite Concrete WashBasin, it imitates a vortex form, or snail, a morphology associated by its own definition with everything natural, since we can find it from the shell of a mollusk to the formation of storms.

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Meltdown He also thought about making a sink that is characterized by its personality, but enhancing its forms with a highlight highlighted by leed technology, responsible for notable advances due to its luminosity, low cost and no heat emission, special Teflon treatment, formed in a single piece and extremely showy, this modern and elegant washbasin it's an idea great for a commercial space, where comfort and style are presented as a trademark.

modern bathrooms-5


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